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Catalyst 2017 Highlights & 2018 Update

Feb 6 2018
Happy New Year.  We are in full swing with the Catalyst Initiative for 2018 and I wanted to share an update of progress to date and plans this year.  
Catalyst 2017 Highlights
In its initial pilot year, the Catalyst workshops enabled over 100 faculty from 38 departments to make broader connections across Stanford, and find Co-PIs to pursue their research goals. Our survey of the participants showed very positive view of the program.  Most importantly over half the participants rated it 5/5 for fostering broader connections across campus – the goal of the program.
The Catalyst awarded one major grant in 2017 to the Microbial Culture Shift team of researchers involved in a new approach to fast, accurate pathogen diagnosis.  Their research holds the promise of reducing healthcare costs and improving millions of lives. Four students engaged in this research project have already won significant awards at major conferences, including best poster, in the past year.  For more information on this research and other projects with Catalyst funding, please see:
Catalyst 2018
This year we are building on the structure that John Dabiri created last year.  Our aim remains the same, to broaden faculty interactions across Stanford campus, facilitating new connections that can lead to bold new research.  In addition to the main research funding contest, this year we are trying to help build stronger interdisciplinary teams through skills-based workshops and additional team coaching, and explore other ways of creating new research collaborations including using post-docs. We hope to have an announcement of this new program soon.
This year we have moved the proposal deadline up to February 23rd, so finalists will have more time to work on their proposals before the final symposium on May 29th, 2018.  We hope you will be able to join us for this exciting event.
Mark Horowitz
Director, Catalyst for Collaborative Solutions